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“As of January this year, to date, EOS dApps are accounting for 55% Tron 38%, leaving ethereum applications with a mere 6% of total on-chain USD volume. But there is a clear group levitating towards the two new blockchains — gamblers. Of the $5.5 billion already transacted on EOS, 70% go towards gambling dApps. This number is over 95% for Tron,” Diar said. Following the announcement of becoming the first on-chain blockchain casino to acquire a gambling license, EOSBet has recently announced two significant developments that will push adoption even further: an innovative user account system and bitcoin betting. XWIN provides cross-border betting and complete security of funds. All players will have autonomously-managed, smart contract accounts on Ethereum, thus guaranteeing no infrastructure risks often associated with Internet interruptions, account lockouts because of frequent wins or arbitrages.